There are plenty of good reasons for players to have a healthy dose of scepticism. That said, it is getting increasingly more difficult to cheat in live casino games. No matter if you are brand new or an aspiring pro mastering your blackjack strategy, you can see it yourself. There are several reasons why rigging live dealer releases is just not profitable, and we will discuss the most important ones!

Dealers are Professionals

For many of us, live casinos are still a relaxed version of the real thing. Its convenience means punters can enjoy the same games with far less effort. However, that mindset is easy to transplant on the software providers, too. It is easy to think that the dealers are nothing but pretty faces with some basic training. However, that is simply not the case.

All dealers in live casino games are trained croupiers. They have to have the same licenses that a worker in a brick-and-mortar venue would need. Given that they are trained professionals, they are not likely to scam you. It affects them negatively, and the associated developer and online casino by proxy.

Reputation is King

Online casinos are a dime a dozen nowadays. This is great news for players who can afford to be as picky as they want. Operators are constantly working hard to attract new audiences and maintain their own. The downsides of having rigged software and being discovered is something most websites cannot recover from.

Players frequently search reviews for online casinos they want to sign up for. If our culture has shown us anything in the last few years, it is a fact the internet forgets nothing. Operators are trading some short-term profit for disastrous consequences. It is simply not worth it for everyone involved.

Games are Transparent

Many of us play casino games, knowing the house has an advantage. In fact, the concept of a house edge is well known to live casino punters. If you decide to play a round of European roulette, you might end up winning or losing. That said, the operator gets their 2.7% profit no matter what!

Given that the house also wins in the long-term, it removes the motivation for most chelsea 888 e wallet live casinos to rig their games. Another thing that makes it difficult to cheat is the fact all the action is visible at all times. Deck shuffling is done on camera. Roulette spins never cut away when the ball is in play. If someone was trying to pull a fast one, it would be discovered eventually!

Safety in Regulators

If nothing else so far was persuasive enough, then you can place your trust in regulators. These bodies exist to keep online casinos straight! Some regulators are stricter than others. As an example, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission is considered one of the best for players. For European players, the Malta Gaming Authority plays a similar role.

Both of these live casino regulators, alongside many others, demand frequent fairness checks on games. Operators and software providers have to prove continuously to regulators that their releases are fair to play. Otherwise, they lose access to a very lucrative market.

Final Thoughts

Can live dealer games be rigged? They can, but it is simply not worth it for everyone involved. Live casinos and developers both stand to lose too much if they are caught cheating their players! Additional regulation and frequent testing force operators and software providers to stay honest, too. Provided you stick to our list of trusted live casinos, you will be able to play your favourite games without worry!

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