Clean Up Gambling Group Starts Football Index Investigation

Matt Zarb Relative, head of the Clean Up Gambling task organisation, called for Federal action against the Football Index 新加坡线上赌场, after reading several consumers’ tales who lost large sums of money in the collapse of the operator earlier this month. Mr Zarb-Cousin told JOE that the accident devastated tens of thousands and hundreds in thousands of pounds of casualties.

Football Index Collapse - Clean Up Gambling director calls for government  action |

Dividend pay-outs 

On 5 March, Football Index announced that its dividend payments had declined significantly. This sparked confusion through its client base and led to a steep drop in its share price as concerned clients scrambled to retire their remaining assets 最佳新加坡网上赌场. The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) announced roughly a week later the decision to revoke the Football Index operating licence.

The fall of the casino operator was unavoidable according to Mr. Zarb-Cousin. He also noted that at the beginning of 2020 the UKGC was alerted to possible issues with the Football Index’s feasibility and longevity, and it took the regulator almost a half-year for a survey to commence.

Legal chain 

Actually, Clean Up Gambling works for Leigh Day and FI Community Action, a consumer group that reviews possible legal disputes on behalf of people who have lost money on the Football Index. To date, more than 7,000 people have now said they want to participate in the inquiry.

Furthermore, UKGC must be blame

The Clean Up Gambling group managers claim that the crash took place because the business wasn’t profitable and hadn’t performed well on its product. Mr Zarb-Cousin also noted that people should play on a case rather than on the profitability of the game they use to play.

He criticised the firm as an alternative to the Investment Platform, which had potentially misled certain clients, rather than endorsing the platform for traditional gambling.

Football Index: UKGC Warned of 'Dangerous Pyramid Scheme'

Compensation for customers 

The primary aim of the inquiry conducted by the campaigner association is to find a cash payout for clients harmed by the Football Index crash. But Mr. Zarb-Cousin also expressed his expectation that the move would allow the UK government to interfere and take action against the playing field. As already reported, the Clean Up Gambling Director argues that the UK Gambling Regulatory Authority should also assume the responsibility for the shortcomings of the operator.

Therefore, with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture, media and sport (DCMS), which is to supervis the regulator, he is insisting on further intervention by the UKGC. Zarb-Cousin suggests that the government has to search for a way to get to the facts and figure out what has actually happened, so that history cannot be replicated.

At a moment where the politicians are conducting of a significant analysis of the country’s gambling laws, the calls by Clean Up Gambling for the government to participate in reviewing the Football Index activities and the company’s shortcomings contributing to the downfall of the index. The calling of the campaigners party has brought into question the willingness of DCMS to be active in the review of the Gambling Act.

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