Live blackjack can be very costly. Depending on the software provider, you may have to wager a fair amount every spin. If you do not have a lot of money to spend on casino games every month, this can pose a problem. However, so long as you have a bit of luck and use proper strategy, this should not be an issue.

The following steps all serve in the interest of keeping your playing costs as low as possible. We cannot promise you will always win if you follow this guide. That said, you will see your losses reduced, and your bankroll lasting longer.

Proper Strategy is Key

Just about every article that covers blackjack will stress the importance of following the basic blackjack strategy. This is important to any fan of this game, but doubly so for players concerned with their budget. Side bets and suboptimal plays can quickly inflate the low house edge blackjack is famous for. It results in more losses, which will drain your budget very soon if you are not careful.

Getting around this requires a bit of learning. It probably will not be fun at first. You have to find what your optimal move for the round while the timer ticks down. We suggest either having a printed out version of the basic strategy, or practising in demo mode. Ideally, you will do both! You may not be able to enjoy a live dealer straight away. That said, once you master this key step, your skill will result in many fantastic wins!

Bet Within Your Budget

One of the first things players learn is to bet within their means. If you only have €100 to spend every month, wagering €50 per round is a bad idea! You will very quickly find yourself without any money left to play. First, figure out how much you can afford to spend every month on gambling luckywin88 ewallet. Next, it is time to pick how much you will bet per round!

As a general rule of thumb, you will want your bankroll to afford you about 100 rounds. Reusing our previous example, a €100 bankroll means you should play €1 per round. Of course, you can get away with less. The minimum we find acceptable is your budget affording you about 50 rounds. This increases the risk of losing a significant portion of that cash in a losing streak but allows you to bet bigger and earn more.

Tracking Wins and Withdrawals

Fundamentally, the reason we play at live casinos is the possibility of winning! You can enjoy blackjack in demo mode, but it is not nearly as fun. The dealer’s encouragement and the fact you can earn real money every round is part of what makes this game so exciting. With enough luck, you will win more than you lose. In that case, you need to decide what to do with the extra money in your pocket.

Blackjack is not the type of game that can grant you one massive win. Not unless you play something like Quantum Blackjack, at least! As a result, you will find wins slowly accumulate over time. Deciding when and how much you want to withdraw is critical. The more money you leave inside, the bigger your budget will be. However, that also means that money is at risk of being lost instead of withdrawn.

How much you decide to leave behind ultimately depends on how risk-prone you are. We prefer pocketing extra cash when it exceeds a quarter of our monthly budget. You can also leave the money inside and skip depositing extra money. It is not a bad call, but it can be detrimental if you make use of casino bonuses.

Final Thoughts

Stick to these steps, and you will not have any budget issues. Yes, they do create a bit of extra work before you can start enjoying the game. Trust us; it will be more than worth it when you are frequently withdrawing instead of losing money!

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